NYMD has toured to all Nordic member capitals and is now returning to Copenhagen in 2020, where it all started four years ago. The 15. – 19. April 2020 we are gathering young media professionals and students for a celebration of journalistic innovation and Nordic collaboration.

The seminar is arranged by Nordic Press Association, this year arranged by a voluntary group of young Nordics that are all working in media.

During this year’s seminar we delve into subjects such as; Storytelling and narrative techniques – fake information and objectivity – boundary work and the roles of other media makers – constructive reporting and communities – and much more!

This year we ask: How to stay relevant as a journalist?

It is old news that the media landscape has changed dramatically with the rise of the internet, and that editors at traditional media are firing staff due to decreasing sales. Trust in the work of journalists and media makers remain low, and at the same time other communicators such as citizen journalists, bloggers and debaters make their voices heard in the public debate.

Did journalists lose the connection to their audience? Which tasks can we say are especially journalistic and what contributions do they make to democracy, transparency and public knowledge? At this seminar we come together to explore the changing role of the reporter through debates and practical workshops with case simulations.





Practical information:

  • When?: 15. – 19. April 2020

  • Where?: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Deadline and process: Apply no later than 15. January by midnight. You will be notified on the result of your application by 5. February and then asked to confirm your participation, go over our info pack + book your train/flight tickets to and from Copenhagen.

  • Who?: Media makers and storytellers from Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden under the age of 30. We aim for diversity, and the program is open to everyone, who fulfills the age conditions. We select 10 participants from each country.

  • Expenses: Food, accommodation and transport during the seminar is all covered by Nordic Press Association funds. You will receive reimburse-ments for the tickets shortly after the seminar.

  • Expectations: We expect participants to come to the seminar with an open mind, a drive for discussion and a willingness to embrace diversity in both people and opinions. The point is to have constructive debates and learn from the process together. Therefore, it is important to go all in on the workshops, help your teammates and bring a positive attitude.

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact seminar managers:
Jeppe Kanstrup –
Mie Olsen –

Apply here!