Utrikespolitiska förbundets artikeltävling är nu avslutad.


Om tävlingen

  • Artikeln ska handla om utrikespolitik. Temat för tävlingen är ”The Voice of the Youth” (within foreign affairs).
  • Artikeln ska vara mellan 800-1000 ord lång och inledas med en ingress på ~40 ord efter rubriken.
  • Artikeln ska vara skriven på engelska.
  • Vinnande bidrag kommer publiceras av Utrikespolitiska förbundet.


Hur tävlar jag?

Tävlingen är nu avslutad!

Vad händer sen?

Från de inskickade bidragen väljs två vinnare ut. Vinnarbidragen publiceras av UF Stockholms digitala tidning The Stockholm Journal of International Affairs, och det andra i UPF Lunds tryckta tidning Perpective Magazine. Vinnarna kommer kontaktas av Utrikespolitiska förbundet för en kort intervju och bild som kommer publiceras tillsammans med texten.


About the competition

  • The article has to be about foreign affairs. The theme is ”The Voice of the Youth” (within foreign affairs).
  • The article has to be between 800-1000 words, with an preamble of ~40 words after the headline.
  • The article has to be written in english.
  • The winning contributions will be published by The Swedish Association of International Affairs.


How to participate?

Submission deadline has expired.

What happens next?

A jury will select two winning contributions that will be published in UF Stockholms digital magazine The Stockholm Journal of International Affairs, and UPF Lunds printed magazine Perpective Magazine. The winners will be contacted by The Swedish Association of International Affairs for a short interview and picture that will be published together with the winning articles.


Utrikespolitiska förbundet Sverige

The Swedish Association of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska Förbundet Sverige, UFS) is a national umbrella organisation for associations of international affairs in Sweden. The purpose of the organisation is to spread knowledge and create debate about foreign affairs and global politics from a variety of opinions and perspectives. The 11 member associations of the UFS are spread all over Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north. Together, they are Sweden’s largest forum for international affairs. The member associations annually arrange around 400 events about international affairs and global politics. They also arrange study trips abroad, film clubs, debate evenings and they produce their own magazines and podcasts on international affairs. Acknowledging that the need for knowledge on foreign policy in our global society is immense, this work gives more people access to knowledge and hence the tools to make an impact on the world. The UFS primarily works to spread knowledge on issues of international affairs through the member associations, but also through national-level activities and projects.

Utrikespolitiska föreningen Stockholm

The Stockholm Association of International Affairs (SAIA) or Utrikespolitiska föreningen Stockholm (UF Stockholm) is a youth association that aims to broaden interest and understanding of international affairs. We are politically and religiously independent. We organise embassy visits, lectures with academics and politicians, study trips in Sweden and abroad, movie screenings, and more. We also have a journal highlighting topics in international affairs. UF Stockholm is a member of the Swedish Association of International Affairs (UFS), our national umbrella organisation. We are a non-profit association, financed by foundations grants and membership fees. The Stockholm Association of International Affairs is divided into committees, each responsible for an area of our work.

Utrikespolitiska föreningen Lund

UPF Lund is a student association dedicated to spreading knowledge- and advocating for debate on foreign affairs. UPF Lund has eight working committees open for all members to join, in addition to a career section. We host lectures at least once a week that has been presented by prominent lecturers such as Margot Wallström and Kofi Annan. There are several media outlets such as the web magazine The Perspective Webzine, the physical magazine The Perspecitve Magazine, and the award-winning The Perspective Radio. Our travel committee organizes regular trips abroad, and a cooperation with the Lund Diplomatic Club has recently resulted in a Mentorship Programme and a Prep Course for members interested in an international career. UPF Lund is a great place to meet likeminded people from different cultures and countries, learn about foreign affairs and find outlets for creativity.